Check out the medical tricorder mini inner space playset versus the standard and medical tricorder toys.

Starfleet Medical Tricorder as seen on the Star Trek: The Next Generation TV Show!
Opens up to reveal the Starship Enterprise Medical Bay and Bio Lab!
Bonus: Includes 3 Star Trek: The Next Generation Mini Articulated Action Figures!
Dr. Crusher, Lt. Commander LaForge and Picard as Locutus.
Limited Edition Numbered Set.


Star Trek The Next Generation Medical Tricorder Innerspace Playmates Mini Playset toy review

Thanks to Krzy Lime, I figured out how to hear the movie lines on SETTING 3.

A Diamond Select Release
Recreates Starfleet communicator from the 1982 classic
Flashing lights and phrases from Admiral Kirk, Spock, Khan, and Uhura
Includes authentic communicator chirp SFX when opened/closed
3 play modes: Voice Chip Mode, Hail/Call-Back function (2 different scenarios), and Screaming Kirk Mode (“KHAAAAAN”)

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Communicator replica toy PART 2 review