Adjustable paracord camping, survival bracelet with fire starter and knife

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It’s more than just survival gear. Many customers wear one as a tribute to a late family member or friend who they consider a hero. In fact, we hope you never have to actually use it in an emergency situation. But if you do… you’re prepared
Here are just some of the many uses. If you’re hiking and your bootlace breaks… replace it with your PrepTrust Paracord Bracelet. You can unravel your bracelet to create a tourniquet for someone who is wounded. Or use it to secure a makeshift splint.
The PrepTrust Paracord Bracelet can help to fortify a shelter. In a pinch it can work as fishing line – just attach a hook and bait at the end. Or even make a gill net from it. If there aren’t any bodies of water near, you can use your PrepTrust Paracord Bracelet to help trap small game
Or simply mark a trail. Use pieces from your PrepTrust Paracord Bracelet to tie to branches and visible spots. It can even be used as trip wire if you need to protect yourself from otherwise unknown intruders

Pocket Toolio stainless steel 11 Piece survival, mini multitool w keychain flashlight

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11 Unique Multi-tool Functions
Compact Design, Designed to be light weight and durable
Powerful Flashlight that helps you when you need a light most
Pocket Toolio, a friend that appears when you most need me most!

PowerSkin PoP’n 3 attachable portable 4000 mAh battery pack for iPhone

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Extra Power: 4000 mAh of power gives your smartphone up to a 150% charge, including the iPhone 6. Just stick it on, plug it in, and keep your life PoP’n
Easy On, Easy Off: Attach PoP’n 3 to most smooth surfaced phones and cases with its patented soft rubber suction cups and state-of-the-art circular nano adhesive anchor.
Integrated Design: Built-in cable provides a powerful yet simple solution for your charging needs, easily plugging into any size phone case. Sleek, high-gloss durable finish, and plastic hard-shell make this unique product the perfect phone companion
XPAL Inside technologies include: proprietary ultra-efficient battery cell formulation, hardware/software safety protection mechanisms, smart power management system broad temperature operating range, and flame retardant material/construction

NoxPower 2600mah Powerbank portable external battery with keychain

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Use this Power Bank for a full back-up charge to your phone.Will charge popular devices like an iPhone 5 (1.3 times), Nexus (1.1 times), Galaxy S5 (0.8 times), or the Galaxy Note III (0.6 times).
Genuine Samsung A-grade battery ensures longer battery life, supplying more than 500 charge cycles.Built-in safety control and power overload protection allows for safe,fast and reliable charge while on the go.
Never experience a dead phone battery again.The NoxPower Charger will keep your phone charged whenever and wherever you need it.Ideal for long road trips, flights,students or anyone on the move.

Jabra STYLE wireless Bluetooth headset review

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Auto Volume Adjustment automatically adjusts headset audio to your environment so calls are heard clearly
HD Voice technology provides crisp audio and a better sound experience
Clear, wireless streaming of your favorite multimedia – GPS directions, music and internet radio
Instantly connect headset with NFC enabled phones or tablets. Just tap the headset to your device and you’re ready to go
Jabra Assist App -geo-tags headset to find last location where headset was turned on or provides location of your car