Black and Silver Waterman Serenite rollerball writing instrument pen review

One of my favorite pens is the Waterman Serenite because of its unique curved design and elegant style. This rollerball pen is rare and understated.

With a graceful bow to the past and a sage view of the future, Waterman Sérénitè embraces cultures and eras known by few. Its tempting tantric curves convey secrets that breathe poetry into life, speaking a language of purity and calm through the contrast of its matte solid sterling silver trim against the beauty of its blue lacquered body. A gesture of peace that begs to be written with, Sérénitè is the ethereal made real.

Koss QXPro Quietzone vs Audio Technica ATH-ANC27 inexpensive noise cancellation headphones review

Koss Quietzone QZPro
40-20,000 Hz frequency response offers a full range of deep bass and treble clarity for ultimate sound quality and reproduction
Soft vinyl closed ear cushions create a tight seal around ears and reduce ambient noise
Active noise reduction technology eliminates unwanted low-frequency noise, creating a peaceful listening environment
Fully-collapsible design makes headphones perfect for travel
Extra-soft, padded headband delivers lightweight comfort for extended listening sessions
Approximately 30 hours of continuous play
Includes a 4 foot, single-entry straight cord and two-prong airline adapter
AUDIO TECHNICA ATH-ANC27 Noise-Canceling Headphones
3.9-ft cable
3.5mm stereo jack
Color: Black
QuietPoint active noise reduction up to 18 dB
40mm driver diameter
20-20,000 Hz frequency response
106 dB sensitivity; Max. input power 500 mW
33 ohms impedance

Binatone The Brick 80’s retro Motorola style GSM Sim-Free bluetooth mobile phone review

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Vintage-styled 2-in-1 mobile phone and Bluetooth handset
Long battery life: up to 1 month standby and 14 hours talk time
Access contacts and music from your iOS or Android smartphone
Stores up to 300 contacts on the handset with 5 ringtones
Features a hands-free speakerphone and plays music

Powerskin Pop’n 2 portable 4000mAh battery charger for iPhone 6 review

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4000 mAh of power gives the iPhone 6 up to one and a half full charges and the iPhone 6 Plus up to one full charge. 2.1 amp charging equipped, PoP’n 2 charges your iPhone faster than other battery packs in the market
Heat-injected soft rubber suction cups adhere to most smooth surfaced phones and cases. This easy, one-hand, flexible approach to power means you can pop it on when you want, and pop it off when you are done
Sleek, high-gloss durable finish, tough ABS, and plastic hard-shell makes this unique product hard to pass up. At only 4.20 ounces, this device keeps your power ultra-light for your on-the-go lifestyle.
XPAL Inside technologies include: proprietary ultra-efficient battery cell formulation, hardware/software safety protection mechanisms, smart power management system, broad temperature operating range, and flame retardant material/construction
The market’s only attachable and detachable battery pack with PowerSkin patented suction technology for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, and 5 Plus

Jabra Supreme HD Bluetooth handsfree smartphone headset review

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Active Noise Cancellation technology removes background noise so the headset user hear a clear conversation
Noise Blackout 3.0 dual microphone technology and wind-noise reduction technology allows the user to be heard clearly by the person they are talking to
HD Voice technology for exceptional sound quality
Voice Control allows the user to answer or ignore calls by using simple voice commands and Voice Guidance provides spoken caller ID, battery level and connection status
Multiuse connects to 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time

Safeways waterproof iPhone 6 Plus smartphone protective case cover review

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When your SafeWays Beach Bag waterproof phone case arrives, you won’t be able to resist testing it. Our customers have found that if you put a piece of paper towel in this case, it stays dry even after an hour under water… (See the description for more!)
You can check out what’s new on Facebook, reply to an email or operate the camera even under water or in bright sun – our specially designed Crystal Clear windows on both sides are 100% touchscreen compatible and don’t produce extra glare… Plus, the Crystal Clear windows do not get in the way of your camera lens, so your underwater pictures will be crispy clear!
Your smartphone WILL fit – SafeWays Beach Bag is compatible with any smartphone (including the new iPhone 6+) up to 7″ diagonal