Walnut iPad 2 desktop stand


Cool dark walnut Asian-style iPad 2 stand for your desk or home. This is an awesome walnut, solid wood, iPad 2 desktop stand. It has foam touchpoints that protect the iPad. It’s unique style and small footprint make for a perfect, attractive desk accessory.

Compatible only with the iPad 2 currently

Kemyer 7100 Cubic Inches Deluxe Hiking Backpack Camouflage Review


This beautiful Kemyer 7100CI Deluxe Large Hiking Backpack is a top-of-the-line product – perfect for the experienced outdoorsman – makes a great gift for someone special in your office / workplace, a friend, family member at home – or even yourself – you’ll love it!


How to use Wunderlist effectively for project and task management


Wunderlist is a great app that’s free and based on GTD. I wanted to show you here how to use the core functionality to really get things done. I’ll show you how to setup tasks for different projects and create a daily to-do list without losing the integrity of each of the projects like many other task managers do.
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