Edifier Tick Tock Bluetooth retro-styled radio alarm clock and external speaker first impressions

Product Features
Color: Beige
Bluetooth connectivity to any Bluetooth enabled device
Front firing speaker driver Omni-directional tweeters
LED display screen for FM/AUX/Time display
Auxiliary 3.5mm input jack for additional audio connectivity
FM radio function


How to add bluetooth A2DP audio music streaming from your smartphone to your Fiat 500 stereo

How to add bluetooth A2DP audio music streaming from your smartphone to your Fiat 500 stereo. Just use a small, USB bluetooth receiver available from many places including Amazon at:


How to get GPS directions to come through your speakers in a Fiat 500

You can use Blue&Me bluetooth connection with your iPhone and Google Maps app to get turn-by-turn directions spoken through your Fiat 500 stereo automatically. The app will interrupt the radio, give you the directions, and then resume the radio because it works on the hsp/hfp bluetooth protocols just like a phone call.

Brookstone Portable Power Supply – Max Burton Power Center 100 unboxing and review

Brookstone Portable Power Supply… Emergency power–anytime, anywhere!

Max Burton 6994 Power Center 100

110 – 120 volt portable power source with a 12 amp battery and a 100 watt inverter. This power center is great for emegencies as you can power it 4 ways: AC Power, DC Power, Hand Crank – Wind Up – or Dynamo power or through the optional Max Burton 8 watt solar panel.

Unboxing and review.


How to move your meetup group from Meetup.com to Facebook

I ran a meetup group on meetup.com but was frustrated with the organizer dues. So, I moved my group to Facebook. It was easy, we kept most of the members, and the best part, it’s free. You also don’t have to worry as much about them going out of business as it seems like lots of the other group websites might do. Also, places like groupsite.com limit you to 50 members. Moving from Meetup.com to Facebook was a simple process which I document here for you!

Cambria Suites hotel room review in Appleton, Wisconsin

The Cambria Suites hotel features oversized suites with luxurious bedding and upscale amenities like flat-screen LCD televisions, spa-like baths featuring Bath and Body Works amenities, microwaves, refrigerators and Wolfgang Puck coffee. Take advantage of the in-room MediaHub plug and play technology for your laptop, MP3 player, game console and digital camera.