How to use the Satechi iOS iPhone Bluetooth remote as a Siri button in your car

If you use an iPhone, you probably wish you had a Siri or iPhone home button on your car to quickly use your iPhone without pulling it out of your pocket. Well, the Satechi Bluetooth Remote works perfectly for that!!

Satechi BT MediaRemote Bluetooth Multi-Media Remote Control for iPhone, iPad & iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Mac Mini

Product Features
Bluetooth 3.0 HID, Class II profile. Works with: iPhone, iPad & other OS compatible devices (iMac, Macbook Air, Mac mini, etc.), and also Android phones and tablets that support Bluetooth HID.
Media playback controls include play/pause, fast forward/rewind, volume up/down, mute. Home button can be used to activate Sir
Via volume up button, you can take pictures with iPhone camera without leaving yourself out and eliminate any camera instability.
Works as a presentation remote control for Keynote on Mac Computers.
Powers with two CR-2025 coin cell batteries and boasts up to 6 months battery life.

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