FitFon Waterproof iPhone Case With External Headphone Jack and Armband review

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Looking for A QUALITY waterproof case and Armband That Protects Your Cell Phone and Also Provides the Best COMFORT?

Hey, listen, I know you’re in the market right now looking for an awesome waterproof case that fits perfectly to your iPhone/smart cell phone whiles doing outdoor activities such as boating, camping, canoeing, fishing, hiking, kayaking, kite-boarding, mountain-biking, off-roading, surfing, swimming, trailblazing tubing, windsurfing and all kinds sports. If you’re looking for all of those things and more in a waterproof case and Armband, well, congratulations, you’ve came to the right listing on Amazon.

FitFonTM universal waterproof case for large Smartphones with diagonal up to 5.2″. Waterproof case is IPX8 Certified to 100 feet. Built-in waterproof earphone jack and an adjustable arm band, ideal for outdoor activities while not miss phone calls or your favourite music. With a secure “Snap Lock System”, it allows you to submerge your device up to 100 feet deep without worrying about water damage.

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