Large iCOOLer Freezable Lunch Bag

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iCOOLer is built-in with non toxic re-freezable gel packs in all six sides of the lining keeps food item fresh from all sides.
iCOOLer is an exciting patented new product,iCOOLer eliminate the use of ice pack,
iCOOLer is incredibly easy to use, simply fold and place iCOOLer in the freezer overnight and it’s ready for use in the morning
Freezable gel packs keep food refrigerator-cold and fresh for up to 8 hours.
Name tag lets you write in your name.inside clip elastic hold food items secure

iCooler products are made from highly durable and eco-friendly material that has an innovative cooling system; a patented design that has permanent non-toxic cooling gel-packs built into all six sides of the lining.The iCOOLer line of products is a must for reducing waste and promoting a healthy lifestyle.To use iCooler products, you can fold and place them in your freezer overnight, in the morning pack them with your favorite breakfast, lunch, snacks, or beverages. Your food and drinks will stay cool and fresh for up to 8 hours without the use of ice packs,iCOOLer eliminate the use of ice packs.Freezable gel packs surrounds food items all six sides. Compact & flexible, receiving benefit for food safety and freshness.Stylish and easy to carry anywhere the customer wants the convenience of his/her own food at the time and place of their choosing. To meet the demand of an active lifestyle,iCooler products are constructed from sturdy, and stylish material, making them the perfect choice for students carrying homemade food to School, moms travelers, employees taking their lunches to work, or simply taking them to golf course or at the sport parks.

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