Emergency Camping Survival Water Filter Travel Straw MAX by H2O Survival

Get it here… http://amzn.to/1XqxyW8

We have combined our Popular H2O Survival Water Filter Travel Straw MAX that filters 530 gallons of water for bacteria,viruses and heavy metals down to 0.01 microns(see chart on left) with its own removable adaptor that will allow it to screw on to most seltzer or coke bottles and its own included water bag as well as many aftermarket hydration bags. -Included in this package: 1 MAX Travel Straw,1 Adaptor, 3 Down-loadable Survival e-books,1 PVC BPA FREE Hydration Bag with Neoprene sleeve with convenient accessories pocket! -CONVENIENCE MEETS PRACTICALITY. -ALL OUR WATER FILTER TRAVEL MAX STRAWS: Can easily be adapted to fit any Coke bottle and most full sized threaded seltzer, Soda or water bottles. -FITS ANY HYDRATION BAG: that has the same size thread. -EASY TO ADAPT: Just twist & slide on the adapter to the end of the MAX and you can then screw it onto any bottle that has the same sized thread. -EASY TO CARRY: Our super convenient neoprene sleeve water bag w/pocket has a carbiner that clips onto your backpack and can hold your straw as well as any other necessities such as your glasses, knife, flashlight, fire-starter, compass etc that you want to keep close at hand.

WATER FILTER STRAW: Filters 530 gallons for bacterira,viruses and heavy metals down to 0.01 microns.
WATER FILTER STRAW ADAPTOR: You can use the straw with or without the adaptor. Adaptor allows straw to screw onto the hydration bag, Coke , water & selzer bottles and more.
INCLUDED HYDRATION BAG WITH NEOPRENE SLEEVE WITH POCKET: Allows you to carry your straw, keys,compass, knife,sunglasses and many small items you want to keep close at hand. Smartly design water bag has sewn-in flat bottom that will expand when filled, allowing the bag to stand on its own.
STRAW HAS CONVENIENT LANYARD & BAG SLEEVE HAS ALUMINUM CARIBINER: Attach anywhere. Fits descretly inside your backpack. Bag and straw can be carried in your pocket. Clipped to your belt or BOB. Landyard makes it easy to simply carry straw and or bottle around your neck.
3 DOWNLOADABLE SURVIVAL eBOOKS INCLUDED. 1 YEAR WARRANTY ON BOTH STRAW AND BAG AGAINST MANUFACTURERS DEFECTS. Straw contains Poly-Iodine that assists the11 filters in purifying the water. This product should not be used by pregnant woman or those allergic to Iodine.






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