Set of three 7.5oz lead free crystal champagne flutes glasses by RÖD Wine

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SHAPE & EXPERIENCE – Wine is our love and passion. That’s why our Champagne glasses are created to keep the carbonation in the glass and bubbles out of your nose. Fine champagne is meant to be enjoyed in stemmed glasses and not in tumblers, goblets, cups and stemless glassware. Why? Because the temperature is critical to get the best experience. Our products are made to enhance your wine experience, to get mediocre wines to taste good, and to make great wines to taste amazing. Glass matters!
DURABLE & BEAUTIFUL – We want sturdy glasses that can withstand everyday use. Thanks to the unique material these are as close to unbreakable and shatterproof as they can be. Made of the highest quality, crafted in one of the most renowned glass regions in the world – Bohemia, Czech Republic. Our products are of Restaurant Grade, made from Lead Free Crystal, and tempered to withstand a lot of cheering. We deliver a beautiful, sexy and timeless design with our glasses, as well as for the boxes.
SAFETY & ECO – Our glasses are dishwasher safe. You have probably owned cheaper champagne glasses before and got disappointed when you found them in pieces in the dishwasher. This will not happen with our products, thanks to the genuine quality. We want to lessen the impact on the environment, and all of our products are made of lead-free crystal, called crystalline. They are produced in a modern factory, in an ecological process, that restricts and recycles water, and runs on green electricity

RÖD Wine glasses come in an elegant box with 3 glasses. Crafted in one of the most renowned glassmaking regions in the world – Bohemia, Czech Republic. Classic European design from the early 1900s and produced from a 100-year-old secret recipe. All our products are made of Ecological Lead-Free Crystal, also called Crystalline, ensures increased durability and other crystal properties – like how the light reflects in the glass. Ecologically produced at a modern plant with water restrictions/recycling and a smelting process which runs on electricity.






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