Soylent Ready-To-Drink Food Nectar flavor taste test

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About the Product
Soylent Drink is a nutritionally complete, ready-to-drink meal in a bottle.
Each 400 calorie bottle contains 20% of your daily nutritional requirements.
Fruity and delicious Nectar flavor.
A perfect replacement for breakfast or lunch during those hectic days.
Ingredients include isolated protein from soy, slow-burning carbs from beets, and all essential vitamins and minerals. Contains no animal products.

Soylent is a brand of open source (1.4–1.7[1]) meal replacement, advertised as a “staple meal”, available in liquid and powdered forms as a beverage, and as a solid-form meal bar. Its creators state that Soylent meets all nutritional requirements for an average adult.[2] It was first created and tested by software engineer Rob Rhinehart[3] as a self-experiment in nutrition. Subsequently, the powdered version of Soylent was developed into the first product line of the company Rosa Labs, which currently markets and sells the product.

Rosa Labs states that the current formulation is based on recommendations of the National Academy of Medicine[4] and that Soylent meets the current Food and Drug Administration requirements to be sold as a food.[5] Rosa Labs also states that Soylent includes all of the elements of a healthy diet, without excess amounts of sugars, saturated fats, or cholesterol.[6]

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