Meatlord’s set of 2 stainless steel BBQ grilling tongs – 12″ & 9″ review

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FUNCTIONALITY: They Do the Job without problems, Super Easy to Use, Multi-Task: 2 sizes for all your grilling needs, both of them include locking clip to close them, Easy to Clean: Food doesn’t get stuck anywhere, Dishwasher Safe, Great for the stove as well, Safe to use.
DESIGN: Classic and Proven Design, No Sharp Edges, Maximum Grip due to Scalloped edges, Two Sizes: 9″ for smaller foods and 12″ for larger foods to protect yourself from flames, Locking Clip to close them, Easy to Storage.
QUALITY: Well-Built, Our tongs are made of Stainless Steel – No more Rust even if you forget them outside, Perfect balance between light weight and sturdiness, won’t break easily, they just look great in the kitchen or outdoors.
CONVENIENCE: Great Price, Fast Delivery, You get a pack of 2 Handy Grilling Tongs in different sizes, PLUS you get a FREE EBOOK with 300+ Grilling Recipes
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Try the MeatLord Grilling Tongs and if you don’t like them, send them back and get 100% of your money back (during the first 60 days after you made your purchase)

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