Breitling Limited Edition brown Tiger’s Eye Ballpoint Pen review

This RARE Breitling Limited Edition Tiger’s Eye Ballpoint Pen is a stunning Genuine Breitling pen released in very limited numbers and has never been made available to the general public.Produced by one of the finest Swiss watch makers of alltime.This pen has a beautiful weight, amazing feel of quality and writes majestically.The body is finished in a gorgeous tiger’s eye brown with chrome trim.The pen cap is finished in chrome, and it is an Absolute showpiece with its stunning detail, and Breitling inscribed down the clip.

One thought on “Breitling Limited Edition brown Tiger’s Eye Ballpoint Pen review”

  1. Hey all!,

    I am looking for some information about value of my Breitling Tiger Eye pen. It is in 2 shades of brown – dark and light and I’m wondering how much I would be able to sell it for and if there is anyone out there interested in it.
    I am new to the site so I would really appreciate some help !! Thanks a lot.

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